Natasha Henderson

Natasha Henderson's Artist Statement:

Painting is a dance between intent and happenstance. When I paint, I need to allow the creative process, the unknown future, to guide at least some of the work.


Until recently, I lived and worked in the Montreal region of Canada. I have painted and exhibited those paintings since graduating art-school in 1998. I have moved to the Yukon Territory in the summer of 2020.


In recent work, I have taken formal rules found in various forms of music and poetry, and applied these rules to my painting. These canvasses have a sense of rhythm, metre, and mood found in the inspiring art form.


Up until recently I would paint robins, cats, and imagined spaces/landscapes. Layers and glazes of oil create a sometimes foggy effect; and time is captured within the weeks it takes to create these imagined landscapes. Fluttering time and space together, the robins are really something more than birds… though I really do love birds for just being birds! Similarly, cats are interesting and beautiful, evocative creatures.


Most recently (starting in summer of 2020), I have found myself painting both the landscape I am in (Yukon Territory) as well as the local creatures I am enamored with (Ravens.) The sky and light effect upon the landscape and its objects are inspiring for me, and the character and beauty of Ravens are so intriguing.